About 3 Strikes – The Fight Of My Life In LA's Men's Central Jail

Coming Fall of 2014!

3 Strikes is based on a true story of a young man who was in LA's Men's Central Jail waiting to be transferred to prison to serve an 11 year sentence for a drug case.

As he waited for his transfer, he was set up by deputies with an inmate manufactured knife and charged with a 4502 Penal Code.

It was his third strike and a conviction meant he would have to serve 45 years to life. After he was asked to take a deal by the Public Defender for 25 years, he fired his attorney and the judge on the case and decided to fight for his own life.

From behind prison bars, he learned the merits of the law from the law library, which often had pages missing from books and counted on the education he got from other inmates representing themselves.

The book takes you on a journey of choices, pain, tears and redemption. From behind the prison walls his truth will be revealed and the truth about what happens in the LA's Men's Central Jail.